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D R E A M .  You keep dreaming even as your feet are planted firmly in the here and now. ...Your spirit needs to dream as much as your body needs to breathe. Take care of your health today so that you can live your dream tomorrow. Start by knowing more about your health. Click on one of the Health Risk Profiles above and print the results to share with your physician.

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Love Your Skin

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Healthy skin is a wonderful asset. As the body's largest organ, our skin protects us from infection and keeps us from drying out. Unfortunately, this front-line duty also can leave the skin vulnerable to cancer.

Women & Men Age 45+ (or high risk)


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Talk to your doctor to determine the best type of screening and testing schedule for you.

Start annual exams at age 40 if you have personal or family history of colon and rectal cancers, polyps or inflammatory bowel disease.

Men Age 50+ (or earlier if high risk)

Prostate Exam

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With a prostate exam and prostate-specific antigen test, your healthcare provider can detect prostate enlargement or high levels of prostate-specific antigen, which may indicate prostate cancer.

Women Age 40+ (or high risk)


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This (and other) imaging technique(s) can detect potentially cancerous lumps in the breast tissue earlier than a physical examination can detect them.

Genetic Counseling

GHS Cancer Institute is the only facility in Greenville to have board-certified genetic counselors who provide this service for all potentially inherited cancers.