Blue Ridge Women’s Center

We are prepared to care for you

If you are a patient with an appointment, our office will call you and together we will determine how best to conduct your appointment – in-person, over the phone, by video or rescheduled for a later date.

If you are a patient without an appointment and need care, or if you’re not a patient and need care – please call the office and together we will determine the best course of treatment for you.

As a woman, you want a doctor who understands your special needs. From screening exams to pregnancy and beyond, the relationship with your OB/GYN is a very personal, important one.

At Blue Ridge Women’s Center, our dedicated team is sensitive to the healthcare issues of women. Our physicians have a wealth of knowledge about female health issues at every age and stage of life – from adolescence through the childbearing years and into menopause. We place a premium on establishing a uniquely personal relationship with our patients, getting to know their individual needs and then meeting them with advanced technologies and techniques.

Our understanding and ability to relate to our patients in a compassionate and nurturing manner is what truly defines the physicians and staff at Blue Ridge Women’s Center. We are committed to providing high quality, personalized care in a nurturing, comforting environment.

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New Location

We are excited to announce the opening of our newest location!

Blue Ridge Women’s Center–Patrick Square
101 Chapman Hill Road
Clemson, SC 29631
864-482-2365 Fax

Having a baby? Congratulations!

We know that pregnancy and birth are key events in the life of any family. That’s why our providers and staff consider it a privilege to be part of your birthing experience. That’s also why we strive to provide you with high-quality care in a comfortable, nurturing environment.

Pregnant women have many choices and options. Starting the decision making process early will help to make the best possible outcome for you and your baby. Registering in advance for your delivery, preparing for your birth with childbirth classes and exploring planning for your care after you return home will make your pregnancy experience easier.


The physicians of Blue Ridge Women’s Center offer experience in women’s healthcare, with a focus on respect for individual needs and concerns. An essential component of quality care is the partnership between physician and patient. We take time to get to know each of our patients so that we can provide the best care possible.

We believe that regular gynecological exams are essential to the health and well being of women, and we place a high priority on preventive healthcare, including regular physical exams and cancer screenings. For our obstetrics patients, we respect each woman’s desire to have an ideal birthing experience and we strive to provide that experience consistent with sound medical practices.

From the miracle of childbirth, through adolescence and the enriching years of maturity, we offer a lifetime of services such as:

  • Routine preventive care, including annual exams and pap smears
  • Family planning and contraception
  • Care during pregnancy and childbirth
  • Menopause management, including hormone replacement therapy
  • Adolescent gynecology and health
  • Specialty care for a wide range of female reproductive disorders
  • Surgical care, ranging from minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery to endometrial ablation to hysterectomies
  • Management and treatment of abnormal pap smears
  • Advanced treatment of female urinary incontinence

Ultrasound Services

We are pleased to offer both gynecologic and routine obstetric ultrasound services in the privacy and convenience of our office. The presence of a physician on-site assures rapid evaluation and management of potentially urgent conditions.

With 3D/4D ultrasound technology, expectant mothers can enjoy seeing their unborn baby in a unique way. Patients also can receive a DVD copy of the ultrasound to share with family and friends for a small fee.


Our goal is to have you in and out of our office within an hour. Please let us know the purpose of your visit when you phone to schedule your appointment so we may reserve the appropriate amount of time. We pledge to make every effort to start and finish your visit on time. If your problems are such that more time is needed it may be necessary to schedule a follow-up appointment for you as a courtesy to our other patients. Emergencies do happen. If we are delayed by an emergency for more than 15 minutes, we will offer to reschedule you.

We accept registration via fax, mail, or in the office on the day of your visit. Forms may be downloaded from our website. We encourage registration at least 24 hours prior to your visit. If you must register the day of your appointment please arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow time for filling out forms. Bring your medications or a complete printed list of all your current medications and note which of these medications need to be refilled. Please bring insurance cards with you to your visit and be prepared to pay any copay or deductible.

Missed appointments

If you cannot keep an appointment, please notify the office at least 24 hours in advance. A $25 no-show fee may be charged when appointments are not cancelled in time.

After hours

For all medical emergencies, please call 911. After hours, one of our physicians is on call and available for urgent issues.

Medical questions

Throughout the day, most patients’ questions can be answered by one of our experienced staff. Calls made before 4:00 p.m. will be returned that same business day.

Prescription Refills

Refill requests are usually processed within 24 hours.