The View – March-April 2019

Volume 69, Issue 2

March-April 2019

Leading with quality: Every patient, every time

Quality and patient safety are top priorities for Prisma Health moving forward. But haven’t quality and safety always been priorities? They have and we are building on an already strong foundation both here in the Upstate and in the Midlands. Our objective is to lead with quality and allow our performance to be the differentiator in the health care market as patients do have a choice in where they go for their health care.

What does quality mean in a health care environment? Each person you ask likely has a different definition of quality,” said Kristin Vondrak, senior VP, Quality, Safety and Reliability for Prisma Health, in the May 2 Leadership Development Retreat. Across Prisma Health, we align with the Institute of Medicine’s six attributes of quality: safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable and patient- and family-centered.

Quality is more than quantitative numbers and outcomes, Vondrak added. To lead with quality, we need to connect to experience. Experience is impacted through purpose to inspire health, serve with compassion and be the difference. Quality, Safety and Experience are inter-related. In order to be a Quality organization, you need to be a safe organization in an environment in which patients and their families are at the center. When patients feel respected, and can trust the team members caring for them, they are less anxious,  and can be an active participants in their continued care and healing.

How will Prisma Health lead in the Upstate?

This past winter, during times of high patient volumes and acuity, our Upstate hospitals maintained high levels of quality care Our rates for CLABSI (central line associated bloodstream infection) dropped significantly and we saw no increase in CAUTI (catheter associated urinary tract infection)!

“That doesn’t just happen,” emphasized Catherine Chang, MD, CMO for Prisma Health‒Upstate, who also presented during the LDR. That was achieved only through the commitment of all of our team members who daily live our purpose. We start with our culture; quality has always been a cultural priority. “This is who we are, who we’ve always been,” said Dr. Chang.

Moving forward, we will build on that legacy. Here are some ways we will see that happening in the next year across Prisma Health–Upstate:

Investment in organizational tools, training and processes that individuals and teams need to provide high-quality care.

Formalized, proactive patient safety programs and robust data analytics and reporting for becoming more data-driven. In addition, we continue to weave ongoing accreditation readiness and continuous performance improvement into our day to day operations and work flow

Also look for more emphasis on team member safety and environmental. Everyone who works at Prisma Health should feel safe coming to work. We all play a role in creating a safe environment in which to work and to heal.

Emphasis on quality and safety in ambulatory settings. Typically, when we hear quality and safety, we think of hospitals. With 4.5 million ambulatory care patient encounters across Prisma Health each year, quality, safety and experience will have an enhanced focus in our outpatient centers, physician practices and across the care continuum.

Amazing work already is underway, said Dr. Chang, noting the efforts of Saria Saccocio, MD, MHA, chair of the Department of Family Medicine; Katie Lawrence, director of Ambulatory Integrity and Optimization; and Jenn Turner, director of Ambulatory Nursing, ain driving quality improvement in our ambulatory settings.

“Nationwide, we have some of the best scores in ambulatory care and are one of the top Accountable Care Organizations,” added Dr. Chang. 

Included in the above quality and safety initiatives are the following:

Expanded partnerships with local rehabilitation and skilled nursing facilities. They may not be our facilities, but we work with their teams there to help care for our patients who go there to continue healing. We plan to strengthen those relationships through efforts such as data sharing and training.

Continued excellence in home care. We also care for people in their homes. Home Health offerings extend our care continuum, and we will continue to build on that legacy of great care.


Quality is hard work; it takes every team member, in every role and at every level of the organization. Think of what you do in your role. Think of how your team works. How do you impact quality, safety and experience and contribute to timely, effective, efficient, equitable and patient- and family centered care?

Remember: All team members function as the Chief Quality Officer, Patient Safety Officer and Patient Experience Officer.

Be the Difference!


Spence Taylor, MD

President's Report

Prisma Health is committed to making South Carolina the healthiest state in the nation. Supporting this commitment requires hard work, talented team members and an unwavering focus on delivering safe, high-quality care to every patient. Excellence in safety and quality is not easy work, but it furthers our purpose: Inspire health. Serve with compassion. Be the difference.

We have made great progress at Prisma Health–Upstate. Over the past three years, leaders and team members at Greer Memorial Hospital and Greenville Memorial Hospital worked tirelessly to achieve Magnet® Program Recognition from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. All team members can take pride in this designation. While Magnet recognition is given to hospitals, it reflects an organization-wide commitment to far-reaching standards for high-quality patient care.

So far this fiscal year, we have made great strides in achieving our Zero Harm measures under the Quality Pillar goal. In January, six of our seven eligible hospitals in the Upstate received performance ratings of three stars or better by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. In fact, two of our hospitals were given five stars – the highest rating!

In May, Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades will be updated. We anticipate an A rating for five or six of our eligible hospitals in the Upstate.

These achievements do not happen by accident. They are the result of leaders and team members stepping up to the challenge to advance our commitment to the people of our state.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our patients. You make safe, high-quality care possible.


Spence Taylor, MD
President, Prisma Health–Upstate

Leading the way

Breaking through to long-term success

When Greenville Health System and Palmetto Health came together to form Prisma Health, we created a strategic plan focused on the critical steps required for long-term success. One of the foundational components of this plan is using eight Breakthrough Strategies to ultimately transform our organization and bring our purpose to life: Inspire health. Serve with compassion. Be the difference.

The first two breakthroughs have launched. You may have heard about them in the weekly e-newsletter, Team Member News.

Breakthrough 1.0
Become a highly effective and efficient organization by leveraging the benefits of the health company.

Breakthrough 1.0 builds the important foundational work for future breakthroughs by taking advantage of everything we, as a health organization, have gained by bringing GHS and Palmetto Health together. It is led by:
• Greg Rusnak, Chief Administrative Officer
• Will Chapman, Chief Administrative Officer Liaison and Strategic Projects Manager

A number of efforts are underway to support this first breakthrough. For example, several teams are working to help standardize clinical quality processes across Prisma Health. These include an Acute Care Council, Patient Experience Team and Care Redesign Team.

Learn more about Breakthrough 1.0

Breakthrough 2.0
Use data and analytics to advance clinical, operational, financial and strategic imperatives.

One of our most valuable assets is data. Breakthrough 2.0 focuses on gathering significant amounts of data from across the organization and turning it into advanced analytics to inform critical decisions. It is led by:
• Angelo Sinopoli, MD, Chief Clinical Officer
• Blix Rice, VP, Innovation & Transformation, Care Coordination Institute®

Some results expected from this breakthrough include:
• Creating a single request and fulfillment process for data, analytics and reports.
• Compiling a data glossary with a set of defined terms.
• Establishing visual standards to achieve a consistent look and feel when reporting data.

Learn more about Breakthrough 2.0 here:

Timeline for the eight Breakthrough Strategies
Because the scope of each breakthrough is so large, only one or two will debut at a time. The timing has been planned so that each effort has a positive impact on those that follow. See the timeline below:

Stellar service

Stellar Stars


Art Spalding, surgical tech, OR/GMH, is known for his selflessness and willingness to help others. He was recently recognized for going out of his way to provide comfort to a patient. The team had noticed that the patient seemed unkempt when he arrived for his surgery. After the procedure, Spaulding left his station and grabbed soap, a basin and a towel. He then gave the patient a partial bath so the man could feel a little better when he woke up.

Audrey Thompson, RN, showed compassion by looking beyond the surface of a patient’s angry behaviors. Homeless and desperate, the patient expressed her frustration in loud, violent outbursts. One day, Security was called. Thompson spoke to the patient softly and calmly, keeping a safe space between them. The patient eventually calmed and was able to listen to what Thompson said. She began to understand that she was in a safe place with people who cared. Through her compassion, Thompson gained the patient’s trust.

Teresa Taylor, EVS technician, EVS/GMH, was nominated by a patient’s mom for her unwavering kindness. The mom wrote, “Every time Teresa came to clean, she would ask my autistic son how he was doing and then ask if she could get him anything. She always was smiling. She always encouraged us and wished us the best for a full recovery. She kept our room spotless!” At the bottom of the Stellar Service form, the patient wrote “110 percent!” for how Taylor demonstrated the definition of each letter in COMPASSION.


April Pittman, Outpatient Registration/Laurens County Hospital, helped save a patient’s life. The patient’s husband had brought her in for labwork. Pittman noticed that she was lethargic and had difficulty answering questions. When the husband said this was not his wife’s normal behavior, she notified her peers to call a Medical Alert. The patient was indeed in crisis and immediately taken to the ED. Team member Diane

Marcengill wrote in April’s nomination: “Our purpose statement says to ‘Be the difference.’ April was the difference for this patient.”

Christine Rinaldo, CNA, Supplemental Staffing/Marshall I. Pickens Hospital, is credited with quick thinking that helped save a patient’s life. The patient had attempted suicide. Throughout the event, she kept a level head. That night, she took on more than the responsibilities of her duties and role. Her efforts made the difference between life and death. Rinaldo was nominated by her team members on third shift who described her as “a rock star.”

Becky King, RN, Children’s Hospital Outpatient Center/Patewood Medical Campus, shows compassion for children and their families. Recently, she was changing the dressing on a little girl whose mom had died in an accident. Recognizing the child’s emotional as well as physical pain, she called in a Child Life specialist. The procedure did hurt, but King was as gentle as possible, explaining everything she was doing. She also talked to the patient’s family beforehand, so they could understand what would happen.

Volunteers of the Month

Jan Franks is the Volunteer of the month for March. Recognized for her quick smile and willingness to help, Franks serves two days each week at Laurens County Hospital. Whether working in Outpatient Reception, Surgery Waiting or at the Front Information Desk, she greets patients and guests with kindness. A member of the hospital’s Auxiliary for 10 years, Franks currently serves as its president. In this role, she helps plan and coordinate Auxiliary activities and actively recruits volunteers to join the hospital team.



Larry Friddle is the volunteer of the month for April.  Friddle has worked in the Emergency Trauma Center at Greenville Memorial Hospital for seven years.  Volunteering at least two days a week, he assists patients entering the department and the staff at the main reception desk. Friddle rounds on patients in the waiting room, helps with transportation needs and reunites patients with their families – all with a wonderful attitude and contagious smile.  His engaging personality is appreciated by everyone around him.

Behavior Essentials

Team members are the heart and soul of this organization. Each of us is responsible for living our new purpose statement through our beliefs, which in turn, form our attitudes. We show our attitudes through the words we choose and in how we interact with others.

Our new Prisma Health Behavior Essentials were designed with our purpose statement as a guide. This common set of behaviors for all team members was built on the Behavior Standards from both affiliates. You may recognize common threads such as communication, teamwork, mutual respect, hospitality and accountability.

Inspire health.

  • Support the wellness and well-being of others and myself.
  • Be curious, learn continuously and strive to be my best.
  • Encourage and build teamwork.
  • Embrace change and grow.

 Serve with compassion.

  • Make sure each person feels visible, valued and respected.
  • Create a welcoming and safe environment.
  • Communicate clearly, kindly and thoughtfully.
  • Live in gratitude and express appreciation.

 Be the difference.

  • Show up every day with a positive, will-do attitude.
  • Take ownership and be accountable.
  • Do the right thing – be honest and trustworthy.
  • Exceed expectations for each person, in every moment.

Leaders and team members from across Prisma Health are developing a set of concrete examples of how team members demonstrate these essentials in their daily interactions. Watch for these definitions to launch in the coming months.


OB/GYN Center celebrated 45 years of serving the community in April. The center opened April 1, 1974, with the mission to provide unrestricted access and high-quality obstetric care to all pregnant women, especially those underserved in the region. During this time, Thompson Gailey, MD, and Kaye Reynolds, RN, have grown this practice to serve over 100,000 women, accounting for about 70 percent of the births at Greenville Memorial Hospital.

The practice also serves as an education site for OB residents and medical students, helping train the next generation of practitioners and continuing a culture of excellence. This practice has pioneered innovative approaches to prenatal care, including serving as the first CenteringPregnancy site at Prisma Health–Upstate.

Nikki Stafford, MS, MBA, FACHE, administrator, Prisma Health Children’s Hospital‒Upstate, has been named to the board of directors of The Children’s Museum of the Upstate.


Frank Clark, MD, Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine, was named one of the National Minority Quality Forum’s 40 under 40 in Minority Health. This distinction is awarded to health care professionals across the country emerging as thought leaders in reducing health care disparities.

Center for Pediatric Medicine has been selected to receive Furman University’s Riley Institute’s 2019 Upstate Diversity Leadership Award in the Business category. This practice, now part of Prisma Health Children’s Hospital–Upstate, was named for exemplifying a business that internally models diversity management and serves as a community diversity champion. The award will be presented May 28 at the Hyatt Regency.

Up-to-Date APP symposium recap
The inaugural Up-to-Date APP symposium for advanced practice practitioners was a great success with over 140 people representing multiple disciplines attending. The event featured interprofessional, multidisciplinary discussions on the latest literature and practice patterns directly affecting patient care.

Match Day a success
University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville’s senior class celebrated a 100 percent residency placement rate during the school’s annual Match Day ceremony. Congratulations!

Prisma Health–Upstate celebrates 100th implant of heart failure monitoring device
Prisma Health–Upstate recently celebrated the 100th implant of the CardioMEMS™ HF System, a heart failure monitoring device proven to significantly reduce hospital admissions. This milestone marks Prisma Health Greenville Memorial Hospital’s entry as the 20th hospital in the country to implant 100 CardioMEMS devices.

Midlands affiliate Prisma Health Richland Hospital has performed 167 of these procedures, and recently was ranked the 4th highest in number of completed implants.

With nearly 270 implants to date between the two affiliates, Prisma Health is one of the largest implanters of CardioMEMS devices in the U.S.

The CardioMEMS device transmits patients’ pulmonary artery pressure readings to their health care providers, which allows for proactive management of heart failure. The system has been used at Greenville Memorial Hospital since 2015.

CardioMEMS is a component of the Prisma Health Heart Failure Program, a comprehensive care model that includes cardiovascular and congestive heart failure observation units, a dedicated heart failure inpatient unit and a heart failure clinic. Multidisciplinary rounds include physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, pharmacists and social workers.

Nursing excellence

Prisma Health nurses bring home the gold

This year, 12 Prisma Health nurses received a Palmetto Gold award. The Palmetto Gold Nurse Recognition and Scholarship Program is a subcommittee of the South Carolina Nurses Foundation that recognizes only 100 nurses in our state annually who show excellence in nursing practice and commitment to the nursing profession.

Prisma Health is proud to congratulate its 2019 Palmetto Gold winners:

Joan Cox, MBA, BSN, RN, director, Perioperative & GI Services, Prisma Health Greenville Memorial Hospital
Susan D. Gaymon, MSN, RN, nursing director, Emergency/Women & Children Services, Prisma Health Tuomey Hospital
Gregory Hair, MS, BSN, RN, director, Emergency Services, Primsa Health Greenville Memorial Hospital
Andrew J. Lane, BSN, RN, nurse manager, Medical and Surgical Oncology, Prisma Health Richland Hospital
Melissa Joy Loftis Berzins, BSN, RN, CCRN, nurse manager, Cardiovascular ICU, Prisma Health Heart Hospital
Elizabeth Madrid, BSN, RN, CPN, Acute Inpatient/Peds/Infant/Toddler, Prisma Health Greenville Memorial Hospital
Christina L. McCaw, RN, BSN, nurse staff educator, Prisma Health Richland Hospital
Mary McGee, BSN, BA, RN, CEN, unit clinical resource nurse, Emergency Department, Prisma Health North Greenville Hospital
Sammy B. McIntosh, ADN, RN-BC, Acute Inpatient, Prisma Health Hillcrest Hospital
Alfreda C. Oree, BSN, RN, CMS-RN, nurse manager, Acute Care for the Elderly, Prisma Health Richland Hospital
Brittany Sorgen, ADN, RN, CMSRN, Medical/Surgical Acute Care, Prisma Health Parkridge Hospital
Gwendolyn Usry, MSN, BSN, RN, CIC, FAPIC, Infection Preventionist II, Prisma Health Patewood Hospital

Congratulations to our nurse recipients of the 2019 Palmetto Gold Award!

Around Prisma Health–Upstate

Meet Bunny

Bunny is the newest team member of the Canine F.E.T.C.H. Unit. She works with the adult Palliative Care team, helping to bring comfort to some of our most seriously ill patients.

Thank you to the generous donors who helped bring Bunny home through Prisma Health‒Upstate Giving and to Nature’s Select of the Carolinas for her healthy food.

Meet Bunny!

Learn more about Bunny here.

Inspire health: Hillcrest Hospital team helps instill passion for learning.
Rodrigo Mendez is all smiles as he receives a box of books from Chief Operating Officer Scott Jones, Hillcrest Hospital.

Prisma Health Hillcrest Hospital has taken Monarch Elementary School in Simpsonville under its wing, helping students in this health- and science-focused school learn about health careers. In February, team members hosted booths at the school’s “Meet Your Health Care Neighbor” night.

Students who attended the event were given a card to fill with stickers. When they visited a Prisma Health booth, they received a sticker. Students who filled their whole card with stickers from each of the booths were entered into a drawing to win a bundle of books.

The winner of the drawing, kindergartner Rodrigo Mendez, received his books during a special announcement in the school cafeteria April 11.

Serve with compassion: Care team pitches in.
(l-r) Jay Foster, RN; Cheryl Lee, RN; Mary McGee, RN; Lindsay Tjiattas-Saleski, DO

One rainy Saturday, the care team at North Greenville Emergency Department treated a homeless man. He had walked into the ED barefoot. Worried about sending him back out into the cold without shoes, ED nurses pitched in to buy the man footwear and other supplies so that he could be discharged safely.

Be the difference: Improving health in our community one box at a time.
Team members helping with Foodshare include (l-r) Internal Medicine Clinic’s Donna Edwards, referral coordinator; Jenene Davis, MSW, lead social worker and Amy Abdalla, social worker, Kathy Lum, clinic manager OB/GYN Center; and Jessica Mavis, clinic manager, Internal Medicine Clinic.

Team members in Prisma Health‒Upstate’s primary care medical center clinics (Internal Medicine, Center for Pediatric Medicine, Center for Pediatric Medicine‒West, OB/GYN Center, Center for Family Medicine), along with our Accountable Communities team, have made a difference in the lives of patients and their families.

Since 2017, clinic teams have taken part in FoodShare Greenville, a program that provides low-cost boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables to their patients. Each box is filled with enough seasonal fruits and vegetables to feed a family of four for several days. Healthy recipes are included.

“Clinicians recognize how important a healthy diet is for achieving better health outcomes, but this isn’t always possible for patients due to barriers such as cost, transportation or access to healthy choices in the grocery store,” said Meredith Eiken, MD, associate program director, Combined Internal Medicine & Pediatrics Residency.

Here are comments that team members regularly hear from patients: “I could not afford this much food at the grocery store.” “Everything is so fresh, like it just came out of the garden.” “It’s nice to be able to pick these up at the doctor’s office.”

A team of nurses, social workers and other peers take orders, collect money and then distribute the boxes at the clinics on Wednesdays. Since participating in the program, teams at these clinics have sold over 1,800 boxes—about 73% of FoodShare’s overall program!

Kiss the pig for healthy babies
Internal Medicine resident, Sam Nelson, MD, stood in for physician winner Dr. Bill Curran who was out of town. Team members and his wife stand ready to capture the moment while Bacon Bit accepts his offering but—alas—refuses his kiss.

“Kiss the Pig” has become an annual event for the Medical Center Clinics. Each year, team members nominate leaders and doctors to earn the honor of kissing a pig at the clinics’ annual hot dog sale for March of Dimes.

This year, they vied to kiss Bacon Bit, a pot-bellied charmer that loves eating apples and playing with her four human siblings, according to team member Shawn Hughes, clinic lab coordinator, whose cousin is the pig’s owner.

With Shawn Hughes keeping close watch, leader winner Bill Rankin takes a more subtle approach. As Bacon Bit nibbles the apple in his hand, he plants a kiss atop her head.

Good to know

Physician ratings and reviews go live on
To help patients make informed decisions when selecting a care provider, Prisma Health–Upstate began including physician ratings and reviews on Learn more about the project by watching this brief video.

Prevent Cancer–Greenville
This innovative program, part of the Center for Cancer Prevention and Wellness, offers a twofold approach to cancer prevention by helping individuals identify and reduce their risk through recommended screenings and lifestyle changes, and by conducting research to better identify cancers early on in the future. A free annual visit for those age 18+ includes a complete health risk analysis with body composition measurements, education, recommendations and referrals.

To enroll, email

Check out the Winter/Spring issue of Inside Health!

Service anniversaries


40 Years
Tammy Gilstrap
Joyce White

35 Years
Denise Campbell
Wanda Foster
Cindy Fulbright
Anita Sledge

30 Years
Meg Jewell
Cathie Osika-Landreth

25 Years
Gretchen Barker
Lori Godbee
Donna Lee

20 Years
April Bailey
Patricia Barton
Debbie Bishop
Sophia Charles-Irby
Cary Cox
Taylor Newton

Darlene Oliver
Lisa Pender
Von Prince
Tonya Robinson
Amber Towne

15 Years
Dawn Brenneman
Tina Brooks
Grazyna Charowska
Richard Collot
Teresa Dewease
Michelle Epperly
Carolyn Foster
Jay Foster
Andres Garcia
Rhonda Hardgrave
Becky King
Matriva Knuckles
Suzy Lesley
Margie Mayes
Teresa Moore
Nate Normand
Tom Oliver
Linda Rusonis
Keisha Stewart
Nancy Taylor

10 Years
Mary Ashley Adkins
Vanessa Baker
Mercedes Beauvais
Julie Camp
Jodi Claypool
Crystal Defoe
Pam Dillashaw
Gail Durham
Trish Fuller
Concetta Gardziola
Rita Gonzales
Vince Green
Jenny Hall
Bambi Lark
Karlie Lee
April Marcengill
Christine Marsh
Jessica Mavis
Lisa Mayberry
Stacey McCullough
Tammy Morse
Peggy O’Harra
Barbara Pearson
Ricky Pedrotti
Amy Perry
Maggie Phillips

Rut Rivera
Mark Roach
Chris Scharf
Michael Sheriff
Tracy Sherman
Ashley Smith-Crooks
Amy Ward
Kinetra Ware
Lisa Wimpey
Donald Wiper

5 Years
Rita Anderson
Eugema Austin
Nakemia Banks
Amy Barger
Shawnee Bassarear
Frank Beacham
Lorrie Bennefield
Richard Blalock
Serena Blanken
Melinda Brown
Wes Bumgarner
Emily Burrell
Martha Calhoun
Leisa Cannon
Tara Chaudoin

Kristen Cooley
Nicole Crawford
Sandra Davis
Tara Davis
Jamey Deering
Grace Dezern
Gina Dressler
Shana Egge
Jeff Everett
Lisa Gantt
Beth Garland
Sharion Green
Katisha Hardy
Tori Henderson
Teresa Hutchinson
Carmen Johnson
Debbie Kidd
Marianne Kirkland
Kelsey Kohlhafer
Adrienne Lafever Pittman
Miranda Langston
Pamela Layman
Deborah Lessard
Ashley Long
Katlyn Mahon
Amanda Marshbanks

Anna Montgomery
Debra Nance
Julie Nelson
Joey Normandin
Nick Page
Derek Parker
Amanda Phillips
Kristian Pierce
Cindy Poole
Michael Ramsay
Reece Reece
Angela Roland
Kaleb Ross
Prerana Roth
Amy Rowley
Allyson Simmons
Salem Singer
Mike Turok
Latoya Welborn
Jim Welch
Rachel White
Wendy White
Kayla Williamson
Elizabeth Woods
Christopher C. Wright


45 Years
Kaye Reynolds

35 Years
Cindy Mace
Jeannie Myers
Margaret Stone

30 Years
Tammy Belcher
Rhonda Bryant
Annette Dale
Maxine Garnett
Debbie Gelzleichter
Nancy Ledford
Dava McCarter
Midge Orszak

25 Years
Jonnie Greene
Sheila Powell
Kim Singleton

20 Years
Kim Amos
Fredericka Babb

Amanda Colquitt
Rebecca Cooper
David Counts
Jayne Crumb
Joy Goza
Tracy Holloway
Jana McAlister
Andrew McDonald
Paula Pate
Larry Puls
Melissa Saxon
Justine Smith
Robin Steinbrecher
Rodney Tate

15 Years
Renee Bacon
Brandi Bennett
Hal Blanks
Sandy Dees
Michael Duffey
Anna Fridy
Julie Gentry
Steve Hunt
Tracee Johnson

Mindy Kasko
Teresa Kinard
Debbie Laird
Deborah Liberty
Lisa Lopez
Eddie Mack
Ryan Veal
Laurel Wanner

10 Years
Audra Adams
Renee Alexander
Runita Cannon Boyd
Patricia Brewster
Kelcie Brunson
Allison Carman
Maggie Clemmons
Deadrick Colbert
Danette Crawford
Lee Dailey
Megan Godfrey
Larry Haney
Patricia Hendrix
Sarah James
Brent Johnson

Kristen Lauffer
Angie Martin
Rachel Montjoy
Richard Oeser
Nancy Peed
Sarah Pierce
Julie Pope
Crystal Pressley
Luz Restrepo
Evonia Rice
Tara Ross
Cara Ruffman
Rachel Shah

Debbie Sharp
Takina Sligh
Kesly Soram
Leslie Willcox

5 Years
Danna Abercrombie
Brooke Anderson
Chris Billingsley
Jennifer Brooks
Ashley Brown

Myca Cameron
Justine Campbell
Christie Christ
Renee Coker
Paige Combs
Annette Compton Lance
Amanda Corwin
Leah Crumley
Valerie Cullison
Breanna Dalmolin
Caneitha Davis
Sarah Davis
Shaundra Davis
Tim Dressler
Rachel Dudek
Melissa Dyer
Renee Earle
Kimberly Gilbert
Kendra Gilchrist
Christina Grube
Heather Hancock
Lacy Harber
Amanda Hartke
Alisa Hawkins

Julie Jensen
Sebrina Jordan
Jennifer Kraus
Brittany Lark
Lacey Leroy
Rachael Lewis
Susan Little
Ellyn Marionneaux
Nate Mirke
Lauren Monroe
Laura North
Becky Peterson
Angela Phillips
Robin Powser
Amy Ramsay
Dustin Rochester
Rachael Romano
Yesenia Ruiz
Nathan Schwecke
Brian Stevens
Melissa Thomas
Debra Van Slooten
Alicia Webb
Kalisha Williams
Tracy Williams

Upcoming events

One Team. One purpose.

Inspire health. Serve with compassion. Be the difference.
Team Member Appreciation Week • May 12-17, 2019

Prisma Health–Upstate Activities

Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit 5K: Friday, May 3, 6:30 p.m. (rain or shine).
Gateway Park, Travelers Rest • $15 (includes T-shirt) • Live music and free food for those after the race. Register at

Team Member of the Year announcement: Monday, May 13, 3:30 p.m.
Auditorium, Clemson University Nursing building on Greenville Memorial Medical Campus.

Ice cream bars & fruit bars:
See Plexus for campus-specific details.

Team Members’ Day meal:
Show ID badge; see Plexus for campus-specific details.

Get Fit! May 12-31:
Prisma Health–Upstate team members, retirees and volunteers who join the Prisma Health Life Center® or PATH may win great prizes! Call 864-455-4231.

Redeem your Team Member Appreciation Week postcard for a Life Center guest pass (expires 9/30/19) or $5 off a one-hour massage, including at Laurens. Call 864-455-4231.

National Stop the Bleed Day
Thursday, May 23 • Drop in: 10 a.m.-2 p.m. (it takes just 15 minutes)
Greenville Memorial Hospital, Employee Pavilion

Drop in anytime between 10 a.m.-2 p.m. for a FREE 15-minute hands-on training session and learn how to recognize and stop life-threatening bleeding. Questions? contact Mike Walls, Trauma Injury Prevention & Outreach coordinator, at 864-455-5313 or

All MD360 Convenient Care locations WILL be open Memorial Day
Monday, May 27, from 8 a.m.-8 p.m.
NOTE: Our Verdae office has moved across the parking lot to 905 Verdae Blvd., Suite 101.

Tuesdays, 5:30-7:00 p.m., June 4-Sept. 3. – Life Center
This 13-week, medically based weight management program  provides tools and support to build  healthy diet, exercise and life management skills for long-term weight loss and better health. The course is free for team members, spouses and dependents over age 18 on the GHS/Prisma Health Plan but is open to everyone. Cost is $249 to the community, $199 if you sign up with someone.
To learn more or sign up, contact Ator Ighalo at 864-522-3173 or

See a full list of Prisma Health classes and events at

Community Connections

"Stages" highlights a journey with colon cancer

(l-r) Stages panelists Jeffrey Edenfield, MD; Anjani Jammula, MD; David Lee Nelson, playwright; and Cedric McFadden, MD.

On March 18, Prisma Health commemorated Colon Cancer Awareness Month by sponsoring Stages, a play written and performed by actor and comedian David Lee Nelson about his own experience with colon cancer. Performed at Centre Stage in Greenville, this poignant and humorous play recounts the “stages” of cancer: diagnosis, treatment, remission. The performance was followed by a panel discussion featuring Prisma Health physicians.

The play was offered free to the public, thanks to a collaboration among Prisma Health, Cancer Society of Greenville County, Cancer Survivors Park Alliance and Centre Stage.

Over 1,400 attend Prisma Health’s Community Health Summit

The Cerebrovascular & Stroke Center and Heart & Vascular Institute shared an information table at the Community Health Summit. Participants received education about recognizing stroke and heart attack, the need to call 911 for help, and managing risk factors for stroke and heart disease. (l-r) Amanda Griswold, RN, Oconee Memorial Hospital; Andrea Nwamarah, RN, Hillcrest Hospital; Cameka Jackson, RN, coordinator, Stroke Program; Shannon Sternberg, MSN, RN, manager, Stroke Program; Nancy Sanders, manager, patient access, Hillcrest Hospital; and Christina Freeman, RN, manager,STEMI & Chest Pain Program.

The 13th Annual Community Health Summit welcomed over 1,400 diverse individuals and families to the Greenville Convention Center on April 7. Of the more than 70 volunteers, over half were Prisma Health team members.

Presenters included Prisma Health doctors and clinicians, faculty and students from our academic partner universities and community leaders. Prisma Health Language Services provided interpreters for Spanish speaking participants.This year’s event focused on diabetes and heart disease as well as health career options — more than 200 youth attended. Keynote speakers The Twin Doctors shared their inspiring stories and supported Prisma Health’s commitment to strengthen a diverse physician and health care workforce.

The 53 on-site community partners included community health agencies, safety net providers, and Prisma Health physician practices and departments. Among the services provided were free screenings and information on health and community services.

Screenings and assessments:
91 Hemoglobin A1C blood tests for diabetes
61 Mental Health assessments/interactions
200 Blood Pressure Checks
75 Oral Head and Neck Cancer Screenings
Of these 75:
• 4 referrals to a primary care provider
•  2 ENT referrals for voice
•  1 ENT referral for hearing loss and dysphagia
•  1 referral for suspicious oral lesion

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