Employee Access Portal

Employee Access

Prisma Health web applications require valid system accounts.

If you are not a Prisma Health employee or patient caregiver with a valid account, you will not be granted access to these systems.

Any copies of restricted information made from this site, whether hard copy or electronic, must be handled with the same level of confidentiality as an original medical record, and the use of this information shall be restricted only to the use intended. State and Federal laws prohibit you from making any further disclosure of such information without the specific written consent of the patient or legal representative.


Outlook Webmail
Citrix Receiver
eNet Access
Learning Hub
Learning Hub Non-Team Members

You may access Kronos and Plexus through the Citrix Receiver


Compliance Office and Hotline/Privacy Line Information
Provides Team Members with a way to report your concerns confidentially and/or anonymously (more)

Outpatient Formulary (OP RX)
User Self-Service

Self-Service Network Password & Account Management

Self-Service is a suite of easy to use Network Password/Network Account management tools that will give you the ability to help yourself without having to contact the IS Service Center for assistance. This new tool will allow you to do the following:

1. Unlock your Network Account

2. Create a new Network Password, in the event you Forget Your Password

3. Proactively change your Network Password at any time