Diversity Strategy

You are more than a data point at Greenville Health System (GHS). We understand that behind every statistic is a real person with needs, hopes, and expectations about his or her health care.

We want you and your family to understand as much as possible about issues related to your health care. We want to fully understand how we can provide personalized care that takes into account your cultural, spiritual, and emotional needs.

Commitment To People:
We are committed to promoting a culture of inclusion in which differences are valued and integrated into all aspects of operations and barriers to equality and inclusion are removed. We recognize that different perspectives are not just a strength; they play an essential role in our ability to grow as an organization and to effectively adapt to the ever-changing landscape of South Carolina.

Community Impact: 
As GHS focuses more on regionalization and growth, it is more important than ever that we foster trusting and lasting relationships with the local and regional communities of which we are a part. We will reach out to our patients and stakeholders in the community in a variety of ways to guide us in fulfilling our commitment to set the highest standard in providing healthcare services in the Upstate. In particular, we are working to better serve diverse populations in the community through various educational events and outreach programs. We are also working to ensure that historically underrepresented firms are being afforded opportunities to do business with GHS by growing our supplier diversity program.

Language Access: 
The vibrant economy of the Upstate and the influx of new businesses to the area are attracting new residents from all over the world.  As the demographics of our patient population change, we are working to ensure that we have the capacity to provide professional healthcare interpreting as a means to support equal access to health care for individuals who are deaf or who have limited English proficiency.

Cultural Competence:
Along with different languages, our diversifying patient population also brings unique cultural beliefs, value systems, and expectations regarding health care. In our continued focus on patient safety and the total health of all of our patients, we work continuously to create an organizational culture which provides culturally appropriate health care to all patients. We will provide to clinical staff additional education on cross-cultural health care and the Diversity Department as a consulting resource for cross-cultural health care.

Health and Healthcare Disparities:
Our goal is to create a level of awareness and understanding of cultural influences as it relates to the goal of accessible, quality, appropriate and cost-effective health care for all patient populations.