Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q. How does one do business with Greenville Health System (GHS) through the Supplier Diversity program?

A. In order for a supplier to be able to participate in the Supplier Diversity Program he or she must be certified by the local Minority Supplier Development Council, National Minority Supplier Development Council or Women's Business Enterprise National Council.

Q. How can I become certified?

A. If you are not a certified M/WBE and wish to become certified, contact:

  • Your local Minority Supplier Development Council
  • The NMSDC (National Minority Supplier Development Council)  
  • The WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) 

Q. How do I register my company?

A. Minority- and women-owned businesses can register their companies with the Supplier Diversity Program by visiting the registration site. 

Q. What happens after I register on the Web site?

A. After you've completed your application and sent us copies of your certifications, your information will be entered into our supplier diversity database and will be kept in our database for two years. If your application is not complete, your information will not be entered into our database and you will be notified of this within 30 days after submitting your certifications. You must renew your application every two years in order to keep your information in our database.

If there's a sourcing opportunity relevant to your business, you will be contacted to submit additional information.

Q. How can I contact someone about sourcing opportunities in GHS?

A. GHS participates in a number of events throughout the year. Our purchasing managers interview and provide information about sourcing opportunities to potential suppliers during these events.

Q. What commodities and services does GHS purchase? 

A.  GHS purchases the following commodities and services:

  • Insurance - Riders and secondary/supplemental type policies.
  • Advertising - Minority and female publications and media sources.
  • Construction - Primary contractor and sub-contractors.
  • Logistics - LTL/transportation companies.
  • Merchandising - Use of regional suppliers, ethnic fashion and décor products, nursery/growers, floor care products, etc. 
  • Procurement - Office supplies, printing services, material handling equipment, janitorial products and services, wood and metal fabrication,
  • Loss Prevention - Security and consultative services.
  • Professional Services – outside counsel, medical/worker’s compensation caregivers, accountants, staffing agencies, etc.

Q. I am a current supplier for GHS and I received a letter asking me to fill out the supplier registration profile. What happens after I fill out the form?

A. If you are currently doing business with GHS, we need to know the status of your business in order to determine if you qualify to participate in the supplier diversity. If you do not meet any of the qualifications for minority- or women-owned categories, please complete the form and check the box that says "not applicable" so you do not receive future notifications.

If you do qualify as minority- or woman-owned business, your information will be entered into our supplier database for other sourcing opportunities within the company. Your information will be kept in our database for two years. You must update your information every two years in order to continue participation in the program.

Q. How can I contact someone if I have further questions?

A. To learn more about the GHS Supplier Diversity program, contact us at: (864)455-7080