Diabetes Self-Management

The Diabetes Self-Management Program is nationally recognized by the American Diabetes Association.  The outpatient program is designed to provide comprehensive, ongoing multidisciplinary education for those recently diagnosed with diabetes, or those who are in need of more comprehensive training.  Group and individual education sessions provide patients and families quality support, knowledge and technical skills needed to successfully self- manage their diabetes and develop a healthy lifestyle. 

GHS Diabetes Self-Management Classes held at 

GHS Life Center
875 West Faris Road
Greenville SC 29605

Classes for Diabetes Management

Prediabetes / Metabolic Syndrome Class
This class is for persons who have abnormal blood sugars but have not been diagnosed with diabetes.  The 1 hour class overviews diagnostic criteria, carb counting, and risk factors for developing diabetes and lifestyle changes that can prevent and slow the development of type 2 diabetes.  This 1 hour class is FREE to the public and is offered without a physician referral.
For dates and times, please call (864) 455-4010 or (864) 455-7737

Basic Diabetes Education

These classes are designed for both newly diagnosed diabetics and those needing an update on diabetes self-management. Initial training is divided into visits or classes for a total of 10 hours of assessment, education and follow-up.  At the first visit an individualized treatment plan is designed to help patients take control of their diabetes.
The subsequent visits or classes are taught by specially trained nurses and dietitians, the majority being Certified Diabetic Educators (CDE’s).  Patients learn how to control blood glucose through the latest nutritional and medical information available and in keeping with ADA guidelines. Yearly updates with an RD or RN are provided with a new referral.  Individual training can be arranged for those unable to attend group class.

Intensive Diabetes Management

This class is for persons on insulin who need more intensive training in managing diabetes through carbohydrate counting, exercise, and pattern management.  Patients learn how to prevent and treat emergencies, medical management options, and healthy lifestyle changes.  The training also prepares patients planning to go on an insulin pump.

Gestational Diabetes Management
This class or individual visit is designed for women who developed diabetes during pregnancy or who have type 1 or type 2 diabetes and are pregnant. The visit provides instruction on blood glucose target ranges, blood glucose monitoring, ketone testing and healthy meal planning. 
Insulin Initiation
Individual training sessions provide the basics of taking insulin and monitoring blood glucose levels.  Each patient is educated on basic survival skills.

Pump Evaluation
Persons with type 1 or type 2 diabetes are first evaluated to see if they are good candidates for wearing an insulin pump. If so, they are given information on different available pumps and scheduled for classes in preparation for pump initiation.

Pump Training
Patients receiving a pump are taught the mechanics of insulin pump therapy including basal rates, bolus doses, and advanced carbohydrate counting.  Education is conducted by a certified pump trainer in coordination with the patient’s endocrinologist or physician.  Follow-up classes address concerns and problems, and are designed to meet individual patient needs.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring
This valuable 72-hour or 7-day diagnostic/educational tool is also available by physician referral if indicated. The patient may also be trained on his or her own CGMS with referral.

For more information, please call (864) 455-4025 or 455-1427.

Referral Process

The program is located at

GHS Life Center

875 West Faris Road

Greenville SC 29605
Fax: (864) 455-8447

The MD referral procedure is as follows: 

1. Preferable sent through ECW – see attached description


2. Complete the referral including diagnosis, medical condition and labs.

3. Copy the patient’s insurance information and forward it to us along with the referral. (Our Business Office will verify insurance coverage.)

4. Select the appropriate type of education desired. (See list of classes.)

5. It is imperative that the physician or nurse practitioner sign and date the referral. 

6. Fax the signed referral to (864) 455-8447

7. Our office will contact the patient in order referral was received, and fax the ordering physician’s office the date and time of the appointment.

8. Should the patient choose not to attend notification will also be faxed.