Continuing Research Education

All researchers (principal investigators, co-investigators, and research staff) actively involved in human subject research must complete continuing education training every 2 years. This requirement must be accomplished via CITI Training at the same Web site CITI Training Course. Ninety (90) days prior to the Basic Course Completion expiration date, you will be automatically reminded that the Refresher Course is due. You will receive an email reminder directly from the CITI Program via the email address you provided during the initial registration. If any information has changed since your initial registration, remember to update your profile information on the CITI Program Website, Main Menu page.

After login, please remember to click on the link directly below My Courses – Status to avoid being redirected to the basic course again.

Researchers who do not intend to engage in further research may choose not to complete continuing education. However, should that researcher later decide to conduct a study, he/she and staff would have to complete the entire research education program.