Community Outreach

The mission of Greenville Health System (GHS) is to improve the health of people in our communities in a caring, cost-effective manner. GHS has a focused approach to community outreach that influences health and health care through its signature programs, community collaborations and academic partnerships.

While medical care is the primary business of GHS, improving health involves much more than the treatment of illness and injury. GHS has recognized the need to move beyond the provision of medical care and lead in supporting the total health of the community. GHS supports efforts to increase access to care and implement community-wide programs that promote healthy lifestyles.

GHS engages the communities it serves through the development of outreach programs and partnerships. To this end, inter-institutional teams partner to provide community-based education, research and evaluation, and outreach initiatives. These initiatives have a direct linkage to our commitment to addressing health disparities across our communities.

Click here to a see a list of GHS 2008 community outreach health disparity initiatives.