Commitment to Academics and Resident Education

Greenville Health System (GHS) recognizes the value of and enthusiastically supports the provision of medical education and consequently has included this commitment in the Greenville Health System Board of Trustees Bylaws stating “To provide teaching and instruction programs and schools for nurses, hospital technicians, hospital employees, medical students, and physicians during internship and residence." In accord, GHS is committed to providing the necessary educational, financial, and human resources support to graduate medical education. Further, GHS is committed to and responsible for promoting patient safety and resident well-being and to providing a supportive educational environment.

Spence M. Taylor, M.D.
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Diversity, USC School of Medicine Greenville

Edward W. Bray III, M.D.
Designated Institutional Official
GMEC Chair; Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education & Continuing Medical Education