Division of Clinical Anatomy

As part of Greenville Hospital System (GHS) continued efforts to advance medical education and health care in the upstate region of South Carolina, the Division of Clinical Anatomy provides opportunities for training, education and research in clinical & surgical anatomy and medical education for medical students, physicians and other healthcare professionals. 


Introductory anatomy courses

A comprehensive review of human anatomy. This course is designed and offered for different levels of students including high school, college students and health profession students.

The Division of Clinical Anatomy offers a variety of educational programs for enthusiastic and talented high school and college students interested in human anatomy and medical education.

Medical student electives

  • Clinical anatomy. A review of human structure and function from a clinical perspective. Course includes case presentations, imaging, and therapeutic procedures to illustrate the underlying anatomy. 
  • Operative anatomy and surgical techniques. A laboratory based course to review surgical approaches and simulate therapeutic interventions to illustrate the differences between surgical operative anatomy and gross anatomy.
  • Special projects in clinical anatomy. Courses designed and carried out under the supervision of one or more faculty members of the staff 

Advanced surgical anatomy and surgical skills courses

  • Courses designed and offered in collaboration with clinical departments at GHS.

For more information and an updated list of clinical and surgical anatomy courses contact Dr. Ahmed Abdellatif aabdellatif@ghs.org.

Willed Body Program

The Willed Body Program in the Division of Clinical Anatomy makes it possible for donors to make anatomical gifts and whole body donations to support medical education, clinical training and research in the upstate. Our goal is to assist those who wish to make whole body donation of their own or a relative's body after death. 

Donation of one’s body is authorized by the Anatomical Gift Act of the state of South Carolina and similar laws of all other states, and a free simple process makes it convenient for individuals to make this priceless gift.

Body Donation FAQ   Download Body Donation Forms (PDF)

The process for donation is simple, and at no cost to the donors or survivors. For more information, please contact the Willed Body Program at donatebody@ghs.org or call (864) 455-9838. 

The Willed Body Program at GHS thanks you for your consideration and donation.

For more information about other giving options, please contact the Office of Philanthropy & Partnership

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