Centers and Institutes

The Greenville Health System (GHS) will continue to develop and support institutes and centers that advance the mission, vision and strategic plan of the institution. They can bring together separate but interrelated specialties and disciplines, provide critical institutional infrastructure and be a model for innovations.

INSTITUTE – An operational clinical unit within GHS or an operational partnership that: 1) involves a broad scope of interdisciplinary services; 2) includes more than one service line; 3) engages in research designed to establish a differentiating standard of care for patients; 4) connects clinical training opportunities for residents and fellows in the discipline; and 5) provides an environment for education and workforce development. Note:  An institute must include all five components. 

CENTER – A place or facility providing outpatient services where an expanded scope of comprehensive but related clinical and non-clinical services are provided for a complex group of patients who have in common a particular disease process or set of clinical or demographic circumstances.  


Center for Bariatric Surgery

Breast Health Center

Brownwell Center

Cancer Center

BiLo Children's Cancer Center

Children's Emergency Center

Children's Hospital Outpatient Center

Cystic Fibrosis Center

Gardner Center for Developing Minds

Center for Developmental Services

Center for Family Medicine

Center for Health and Occupational Services (CHOS)

Center for Pediatric Medicine

Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders

Healthcare Simulation Center

Lung Center

Sleep Centers

Center for Success in Aging

Women’s Center

Wonder Center 


Institute for Advancement of Health Care (IAHC)

Heart and Vascular Institute

Institute for Musculoskeletal Health & Wellness

Spine Institute

Acceleration Sports Institute (ASI)

Institute for Translational Oncology Research




Institute for Vascular Health