Mary E. Shilling Caregiver of the Year Award

Each year the Mary E. Shilling Caregiver of the Year Award is presented to employees of the Children’s Hospital who exhibit a special caring quality for children and their families. The first award was presented in 1989 and continues each year as a means of honoring special interdisciplinary caregivers.

Nominations are made by peers and supervisors. It is an award that is reserved only for direct caregivers at the Children’s Hospital. Competition for this prestigious award is always high.

The winners of the Caregiver of the Year Award are selected for designated areas by the leadership team of Children’s Hospital. Nominations are scored based on predetermined criteria that are believed to be indicative of an outstanding direct care provider. The individuals receiving the highest scores are the winners of the award.

2012 Winners

  • Jeannie Myers
  • Andrea Murdock
  • Sally Sanders
  • Kerry McKenzie 
  • Sabrena O’Connor
  • Darbee Walker                        

2011 Winners

  • Denise Reisner, RN
  • Elizabeth Johnson, RN
  • Betty Garrett, RN

2010 Winners

  • Dava McCarter, RN
  • Misty Davis, RN
  • Kelly Turner, RN