Current Students

Important information

  • Student Handbook
  • Student Health Care in Greenville 
  • Life Center information - Students are able to join the Greenville Health System (GHS) Life Center for a fee of $100 annually for an individual membership. Click here for more information about the Life Center.
  • Parking - Students are to park in parking deck 9-C. All vehicles must be registered with the GHS Security Office.
  • Meals - Students from the USCSOM, completing their third and fourth years of medical training at GHS, will receive a meal stipend of about $40 a month for meals purchased from the GHS cafeteria. These funds are in an account that is set up as a declining balance. Students are to inform cashiers that they are Medical Students before each purchase. The funds will NOT carry over from month to month. You may add your own funds to your card for use in the cafeteria, by using the “Manage MyID” application that can be found on GhsNet.


M3 Schedule