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Supplies, Services, and Equipment

Initial contact with Greenville Hosptial System (GHS) should be with the Purchasing Department.  The Purchasing Staff will provide an overview of GHS and guide you through the process of showcasing your products and/or services.  An appointment can be made with the Supplier Diversity Manager by calling the Materials Distribution Center at (864) 455-7080.

GHS has five (5) distinct areas of purchasing: products, services, and capital (under Materials Management), Food Service, Pharmacy, Information Services, and Facilities Development and Campus Planning (new construction and renovations).

Appointments are required prior to any visit to GHS. Signing in and receiving a visitors badge is required at the five (5) GHS campuses. Upon arrival at any campus, inquire at the reception desk for sign-in location. All products and equipment will be subject to an evaluation process.  GHS does not have a committee that reviews products and services but creates committees based on the departments that would utilize the product. Samples for evaluations are required at no charge.  Requests for payment of samples utilized in the evaluation process require prior approval. Orientations are required prior to doing business with GHS by specific departments.  Current orientations required are for visitation to the Operating Rooms, Catheterization Lab, and Outcomes Management.  Other departments will be added in the future.

In many cases, GHS utilizes Request for Quotation or Request for Proposal.  A new Supplier should complete the Supplier Information Form and submit it to the Supplier Diversity Manager.

GHS is an owner/member of a Group Purchasing Organization, UHC/Novation, located at 2001 Spring Road Suite 700, Oak Brook, IL 60523-1890.  UHC/Novation negotiates and provides many of the contracts that GHS utilizes in purchasing products and services.