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Health Disparities

Identify, participate in, and, where necessary, build partnerships within Greenville Health System (GHS) and the community to address health disparities among the diverse populations in the communities we serve.

Community Relations events related to diversity includes:
- Minority Health Summit
- "Take A Loved One To The Doctor" Day
- Every Woman Lunch & Learn
- Barbershop Talks


Spiritual support can play a key role in the healing process and can help patients and family members through challenges associated with illness or injury. We offer spiritual support that is respectful of each individual’s spiritual/religious beliefs, privacy and dignity.

Why spiritual care support? The reasons are personal. The support is easily accessible. A hospital chaplain is on site or on call 24 hours a day. Chaplains provide spiritual support to people of any faith, as needed. Community clergy may come to visit with patients and family members, whenever requested.

Spiritual support is available for patients hospitalized overnight and in many cases for patients receiving outpatient care or in their homes. Family members can also call for spiritual support.

GHS respects and honors the many cultural, spiritual and ethnic values and beliefs of our patients and visitors. If we can help you in any way, please let us know. For more information, please contact Pastoral Care at 455-7942.

Diversity Advisory Council

GHS’s Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) exists to facilitate staff and community involvement in advancing equality and inclusion at GHS while fostering positive relationships with the community.  The DAC was organized to keep GHS informed of activities, trends, needs, and new developments taking place that should be considered when developing policies or services which impact the delivery of health care to a diverse patient and residential population. The DAC was convened by the GHS Diversity Department and has served the system since 1997.

The DAC membership is composed of community members and key individuals within GHS whose areas of responsibility directly or indirectly impact the effectiveness of the GHS’s diversity initiative.

Community Relations

Providing medical treatment is only part of our mission. We are also committed to prevention, education and research to better the communities we serve.