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The Brain Injury Education Initiative is supported by a grant funded by the South Carolina Developmental Disabilities Council to provide training for traumatic brain injury (TBI) and school re-entry. 

The goal of the Brain Injury Education Initiative is to improve the effectiveness of school re-entry following TBI.  The project includes:

  • Detailed assessment through Speech-Language Pathology and Neuropsychology for determining specific training needs of persons with recent brain injury, their families, and educators from public schools and community colleges
  • Access to BI Navigator, a web-based compilation of potential resources available through an internet based resource “portal,” which allows interested parties to more conveniently and directly access support materials 
  • Development of Education Roundtable and white papers to prioritize future training needs in South Carolina. 

Our therapists work side-by-side with families during the process of returning to class. School transition services that prepare teachers and school counselors to work with the student are available. The project will empower students and families to be key resources to future success. 

To learn more, please call (864) 455-2626.