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A dedicated and self-contained unit, the Brain Injury Inpatient Program provides patients with a remarkable environment to maximize their rehabilitation efforts. Here, an experienced team of therapists, nurses, and neuropsychologists work closely with each patient and family to achieve a level of independence that allows patients to advance within the continuum of care. Once released, patients can continue their therapy through the Outpatient Brain Injury Program at Peace Rehabilitation Center in downtown Greenville.

Advocacy for people with disabilities and involvement with local and state organizations that address disability-related issues is part of our ongoing commitment to the community. Greenville Health System (GHS) also works closely with the Brain Injury Association of South Carolina and the Brain Injury Association of America.   

Both the inpatient and outpatient programs are accredited by the Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

For more information about the Inpatient Brain Injury Program at GHS, please call (864) 455-8788.

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