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The Cancer Institute of Greenville Health System (GHS) provides advanced medical, surgical and radiation treatments and the latest technology in the fight against cancer. The institute offers patients access to a program unique to the Upstate- the Oncology Multidisciplinary Center (MDC). GHS Cancer Institute is approved by the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons and provides complete cancer care including sophisticated diagnostic capabilities, fellowship trained surgical oncologists, the latest treatments, leading-edge research, patient education, home care, and support groups.

Collaboration and Partnership Provides Innovative Complete Cancer Care

GHS Cancer Institute brings the most recent advances in cancer treatment to the Upstate, including the following:

  • Oncology Multidisciplinary Center - At the MDC, a medical oncologist, surgical oncologist and radiation oncologist first meet with a patient one-on-one. Then they gather as a team to discuss treatment options and to make the best decision regarding treatment. By the end of this single visit, the patient receives a treatment plan of action- without weeks of anxious waiting. The goal is to help patients and their families cope with cancer in a manner that streamlines care and integrates all aspects of healing: strengthening the body, informing the mind and nurturing hope.
  • Nurse Navigator Program- The Cancer Institute offers the nurse navigator program, which pairs a certified oncology nurse with patients to help coordinate cancer care through diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Patients may call their nurse navigator at any hour with questions and concerns throughout treatment and recovery. 
  • Oncology Research Institute- The Cancer Institute offers genetic counseling, screening and prevention programs, clinical trials and the Oncology Research Institute- the Upstate's only basic science cancer research facility. In partnership with US Oncology, the center has opened the Southeast's first community hospital-based Clinical Research Unit, which performs safety and efficacy trials of new drug therapies. The institute also has joined the Total Cancer Care initiative with Moffitt Cancer Center to develop drug therapies based on an individual's gene profile.

Clinical Trials and Research

The Cancer Institute performs more than 100 clinical trials for cancer treatment and prevention.  Some of our trials are conducted through the center's Clinical Research Unit, allowing patients quick and convenient access to alternative therapies.  Basic research is also a dynamic of the Cancer Institute. The Oncology Research Institute conducts basic scientific research in the quest for innovative and more effective treatments –such as a promising vaccine for skin cancer and a more convenient way to combat thyroid cancer. 

Cancer Presentation Series

To learn more about the Cancer Institute, please call 1-877-GHS-INFO.

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