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The Division of Pediatric Cardiology at Children’s Hospital of Greenville Health System (GHS) provides comprehensive care for patients with congenital heart disease (CHD) and acquired pediatric heart disease, care that lasts from the womb into adult life. Our pediatric cardiologists are board certified or board eligible in pediatric cardiology, and all are fellows of the American College of Cardiology and/or fellows of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

With offices located in Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson and Greenwood, expert care in pediatric and congenital heart disease is convenient to patients throughout the Upstate of South Carolina and bordering counties in North Carolina and Georgia. In addition, the Division of Pediatric and Congenital Cardiology is a member of the Children’s Heart Program of South Carolina (CHPSC), which also includes pediatric cardiologists centered in Columbia, Charleston and Florence.

Care for these young patients with heart disease is provided by the clinical faculty and staff, including board certified pediatric cardiologists who see more than 6,500 patients with heart disease each year. Other common reasons for evaluation by pediatric cardiologists include chest pain, syncope and near-syncope, palpitations and exercise intolerance.

GHS pediatric cardiologists begin their evaluation and care of patients with heart disease in the womb. Fetal cardiology is an integral component to services provided at GHS, identifying approximately 75% of all complex congenital heart disease while the infants are still in the womb, starting at approximately twenty weeks’ gestation. These services are provided in conjunction with the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine at GHS, as well as at several remote sites in conjunction with maternal-fetal medicine in Spartanburg and Greenville.

Many of our patients have been followed since birth and are now in their twenties, thirties and beyond. Our adult patients continue to be cared for through our dedicated program in Adult Congenital Heart Disease, as well as by our colleagues in the adult cardiology program.

A broad range of services is available in addition to cardiology consults. Most of the procedures are best accessed via consultation with pediatric cardiology. These services and procedures include:



cardiac MRI,

stress testing,

cardiac CT angiography

nuclear medicine stress testing.

In addition, interventional cardiac catheterization and cardiac surgery are available as part of the CHPSC for our pediatric patients. Interventional cardiac catheterization and cardiac surgery are available for our adult congenital heart patients through the adult cardiology program and cardiothoracic surgery at GHS, as well as through CHPSC.

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