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The HeartLife® Program of the Heart & Vascular Institute at Greenville Health System is a multiphase, comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program. The first of its kind in South Carolina, the program maintains both national and state certifications and is considered one of the top cardiac rehabilitation and prevention programs in the country. Referral into this life-enhancing program can be made before discharge from the hospital as well as from a doctor’s office. 

Monday Medical Minute

Listen to Dr. Andrea Bryan, Medical Director of HeartLife discuss the symptom differences of a heart attack in men and women.

Well-trained, caring staff members ensure HeartLife patients have the knowledge and tools to get and stay well. Patients receive invaluable emotional as well as physical benefits from the program. Support and understanding also come from other patients. 

 The most recent HeartLife outcomes show that 96% of our participants feel they are better able to manage their health after rehab, and they rate their HeartLife experience as “Very Good” or “Excellent.” 

The outcomes also demonstrate a 94% medication adherence rate and a smoking cessation rate that is more than twice that of the national average. A highly successful and free smoking cessation support group is offered to our patients and the community in both HeartLife locations. 

 Our multidisciplinary staff closely monitors the large number of patients with diabetes. Eighty-five percent of these patients achieve fasting blood sugars during the 12 weeks of Phase II. It is not uncommon to see these patients require lower dosages and/or fewer diabetes medications as a result of the program. 

Recovering from heart disease often is challenging and requires a long-term commitment to change. Since 1979, the HeartLife Program has helped thousands of cardiac patients return to a full and active life. For additional information call (864) 455-7726