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The Philosophy of Professional Nursing for the Greenville Health System is based upon patient and family centered care and the Planetree™ model. Jean Watson’s Science of Human Caring is integral to patient and family centered care. We believe that caring is central to the practice of nursing and that nursing care is an integration of knowledge, skills, experience and values.

The Nursing vision statement: Commitment to Excellence through Knowledge, Leadership, Caring and Innovation is the leading assertion for the model of patient care which is based upon our philosophy of professional nursing.

  • The depiction of the model shows hands holding a sun burst with the foundation being the six pillars of excellence outlining the priorities for strategic alignment with the GHS organization. The six pillars are: People, Service, Quality, Finance, Growth and Academics.
  • Hands represent the healing-caring environment and human touch as the basis for patient care which is integrated with the philosophy, mission, vision and values as an integral part of the hands.
  • The nucleus in the center of the sunburst is the patient and the elder in our long term care facility for whom we provide care. An essential member of the patient or resident’s nucleus is their care partner and/or family.
  • The nurse surrounds the patient and is closest to the patient as the coordinator of care utilizing the nursing process.
  • An interdisciplinary care team provides the human touch of healthcare professionals who are integral members of the healing-caring environment.
  • Each of the sun bursts extending outward of the care team represent guiding principles, standards, resources and the external environment which influence healing-caring, as well as the provision of care.

    • Jean Watson theory: The Science of Human Caring—theoretical framework for Nursing
    • Planetree principles: Demystify, Humanize, Personalize
    • Evidence based practice
    • Regulatory standards
    • Community: both internal and external
    • Culturally appropriate care
    • Social Support/Resources available to support patient centered care
    • Professional Standards, based upon evidence, are the foundation for provision of quality care