Evidence based Journal Clubs

The journal club is conducted as a required component of the MFM rotation for both PGY-2/3 residents and PGY-2/1 residents selected monthly throughout the year. The assigned reading of introductory course material includes Trisha Greenlaugh’s How to Read a Paper: The basics of evidenced based medicine, and select articles from the “User’s Guide to the Medical Literature” by Guyatt, Sackett, et. al. published in JAMA.

By completing the above assignment, the resident will pick a clinical question and locate a research article to address the issue. Using Pubmed and other information technology the resident will learn not only the broader line of literature on the study subject, but also how to do a proper literature search. Via our library’s extensive online collection of journals, almost all citations will be available immediately. Others may be obtained through an interlibrary loan.

A standardized outline and PowerPoint template is utilized to assist in the presentation. Following the session, the resident prepares a written record of the proceedings in the form of an expanded abstract with a three to four paragraph summary, which is distributed to all participants and added to the presenter’s educational portfolio.

Each resident is given a four week structured schedule as outlined below:

  1. Find a clinical question and research article. Meet with the faculty mentor to find a clinical question and article addressing it from the medical literature. Complete required reading from the Greenlaugh text available online from the eBMJ website. Complete a literature search via Pubmed of articles related to the one under review.
  2. Read the article(s) from the Guyatt series that review the type of research article selected. Read the selected article and related articles from the literature search. Complete a critical evaluation checklist (provided). Meet with the faculty mentor and the faculty statistician.
  3. Prepare the PowerPoint presentation of the selected article under evaluation and review it with the faculty mentor.
  4. Oral presentation of the evidenced based journal club to the department faculty and residents, and completion of the written abstract.

A critical evaluation checklist is utilized by the residents and aids in learning how to appraise the information in the study article. The literature review allows the resident to compare and contrast all the pertinent research on a given topic. This enables the resident to assimilate the data in a larger context than any one paper can be expected to.