Thursday, July 14, 2011

The newly formed South Carolina Advocates for Epilepsy will host an organizational meeting in Greenville on Saturday, July 23.


Approximately 44,000 South Carolinians currently carry an active epilepsy diagnosis, and 2,100 new cases are diagnosed in South Carolina each year.  SAFE was formed in 2011 to help raise epilepsy awareness in South Carolina.


“These staggering statistics prove there is a tremendous need for epilepsy advocacy and awareness in our state,” said Karen St. Marie, SAFE’s executive director.  Her son was diagnosed with epilepsy when 18; now 23, he is currently unable to drive, attend college or work because of the frequency and severity of his seizures.  But he and his family are still hopeful that the disease can be managed, and he is in a clinical trial that is decreasing his number of seizures.


“Experiencing these very real issues first hand, I knew there were other families in South Carolina that desperately needed help and support.  My son became my inspiration to do just that, and South Carolina Advocates For Epilepsy was founded.  Our goal is to help epilepsy patients and their families through advocacy, education and inspiration.  We hope to make a difference for everyone that deals with epilepsy on a daily basis.”


The local organizational meeting will be held from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m., Saturday, July 23, at the Mauldin branch of the Greenville County Library System. The W. Jack Greer branch is at 800 West Butler Road, Greenville.  Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center will provide refreshments.  Please register, with number of persons attending, by July 15 to


For more information, visit or contact Karen St. Marie at