International Health

Med-Peds International MedicineMany Med-Peds residents are interested in global health. Given our unique training, Med-Peds physicians are well positioned to provide a wide range of health care services to the world’s neediest populations. Med-Peds residents at GHS have undertaken a variety of international trips to provide medical care and relief around the world.  Dr. Jeremy Byrd, a 2009 graduate of our Med-Peds program, has led several two-week electives involving our Med-Peds residents traveling to both Brazil and Honduras.  The following is a list of international experiences undertaken by residents from our hospital system.
  • Brazil (Fortaleza) - This work was mostly in the favelas (slums) of some of the most poverty-stricken areas of Brazil. The team worked in medical clinics and provided preventive medicine education.Med-Peds Int Med Missions
  • Haiti (Port-Au-Prince) - A team of 25 physicians (several GHS doctors), nurses, fireman, etc. went to Port-Au-Prince to serve on a disaster relief/medical mission trip. They worked at inpatient hospitals, outpatient clinics, took overnight call, and served in an orphanage for children with HIV/AIDs.
  • Haiti (Terrier Rouge) - Residents helped organize and work in a clinic and acute care center that served families within the local town. The clinic was combined with a local school so overall efforts helped meet the medical and educational needs of the community.
  • Honduras - A team to Honduras consisted of various physicians from multiple specialties, residents, and medical students seeing adult medical and pediatric patients in their general clinic and helping the surgical team “pre-op” patients. This trip also provided opportunities to go into the mountains and do “medical brigades” to provide care to typically unreached villages.
  • West Africa (Ghana) - This team of 3 served in a rural hospital for 3 weeks. They cared for adults, children, and infants in a clinic setting and inpatient.  
  • Peru (Cusco, Santo Tomas, Ilusco, Lagunas) – Residents worked with medical students and attendings in local medical clinics. Some providers also worked on a research project involving high altitude pulmonary edema while in Peru. Another resident traveled the Amazon River and established medical clinics in villages along the river.
  • Mexico (Valladolid)This team worked in a medical clinic set up in a village of Mayan Indians. They utilized translators from English to Spanish to Mayan and back for all medical interviews.
  • Trinidad – The team served with a group that set up over 30 temporary clinics all across Trinidad.
  • South Africa - This team of medical students, residents, attendings, PT/OT, and pharmacists mostly provided medical care for an orphanage in the Venda region of South Africa. The team also provided health education in the local schools, performed surgeries in one of the local hospitals, and assisted in the government-run clinics. 
  • Dominican Republic - This team worked in a medical clinic setting that served over 1000 local men, women, and children.

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