3rd Year IM Rotation

I.    Orientation handout

II.    IM Primer (tips to success on your IM rotation!)

III.    Educational opportunities

IV.    Items to complete:

  • H&P form
    • Inpatient H&P Form (Turn in 8 required HYPs (reviewed and initialed by your attending) using this form as a guide only - do not turn in HYPs written on this form.)
    • Observed H&P Form (Turn in 1 required Observed H&P - should schedule with attending about three weeks into rotation.)
  • Nutrition Module
  • Mentoring Assignment
  • CSAD card (given to you during orientation)
  • Log patient encounters in New Innovations
  • Performance Evaluation Form  (Give to attendings and residents to fill out)

V.    Checklist (Are we done yet?)

VI.    OSCE Information OSCE INFORMATION.doc
VII.    PACS Access

VIII.    Emergency Paging Codes

IX.    Mechanical Ventilation

X.    Activity/Lecture Schedule