Strategic Research Portfolio Areas

The following portfolio areas will guide initiative development, implementation and evaluation aligned with the IAHC, and address health issues related to quality, access, and cost.

  • Compare Effectiveness of Interventions and Inform Policy
    The goal is to identify and support Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) and outcomes research defined as “the generation and synthesis of evidence that compares the benefits and harms of alternative methods to prevent, diagnose, treat, and monitor a clinical condition or to improve the delivery of care. The purpose of CER is to assist consumers, clinicians, purchasers, and policy makers to make informed decisions that will improve health care at both the individual and population levels.” (Institute of Medicine) 
  • Investigate Patient-Centered Models of Care
    Inextricably tied to comparative effectiveness research, this portfolio highlights Greenville Health Systems’ mission of Healing Compassionately. Thus the goal is to develop, implement and evaluate new care models that improve patient outcomes through emphasis on care management including such topics as patient-centered team-based care, patient self-management support, and models that stimulate innovation in care delivery and practice change. This portfolio parallels the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality agenda including the use of health information technology to improve outcomes, quality and safety initiatives, and innovation. 
  • Study Methods to Build Workforce Capacity
    The goal is to identify and support research and scholarly activities designed to inform innovative education and training (quality and quantity) of health and healthcare professionals. This portfolio will facilitate and support research activities for IAHC Scholars and trainees (students and residents). The agenda of this portfolio is to develop educational research examining inter-professional education; innovative teaching and learning; and life-long learning strategies. Outcomes will inform training for future health and healthcare professionals.