Center for Success in Aging

Center for Success in Aging is the headquarters for all activities of the Division of Geriatric and Palliative Medicine.

Dr. Laurie Theriot with Geriatrics recently appeared on WYFF4 to discuss Aging and the Brain. Click here to watch the video.

At this physical location, these services are provided:

  • Initial Memory Health Assessment to include diagnosis, treatment recommendations, education, and resource information. Feedback will be provided to the referring physician (To find out if you might benefit from a Memory Health Assessment click here.)
  • Level of Care Assessment to identify the appropriate environment for the patients safety
  • Neuropsychological testing to assess cognitive functioning and aid in treatment planning
  • Evaluation of suspected mild cognitive impairment (MCI) (changes in thinking abilities)
  • Counseling for patients, caregivers, and/or family members
  • Community education initiatives including classes on dementia related topics provided by a range of health care professionals and a resource library for caregiver education and wellness
  • Resource Library which is open to those involved in the Memory Health Program
  • Research and Program development related to spectrum of care for aging adults and their caregivers
  • Coordination of all services that are provided through the Division of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine

Memory Health Assessments are by physician or self-referral. Physician referral is preferred.
To meet your needs , we'll schedule an appointment with you and our healthcare team once you contact our office. The results of our assessment and recommendations will be provided to your primary care doctor to ensure an integrated team approach to patient care.

For a referral form or help in obtaining a referral fromyour doctor, call (864)454-8120
Memory Health Program
Enrollment in the Memory Health Program is also offered through the Center for Success in Aging

The Center for Success in Aging
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