Letter from the Director

Greenville, South Carolina is a great place to train and live. Our program will give you excellent training in a variety of procedures. Second and third year call is with our self-contained Family Medicine Inpatient Service, resulting in a close working relationship between the family medicine faculty and residents.

We have seven other core training programs in our hospital (Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Med-Peds, OB-GYN, Orthopedics, General Surgery, and Psychiatry). The strongest point of our program is having the other teaching programs to work with because of the excellent relationships we have with the other departments.

I personally trained in two “unopposed” family medicine programs. There were no other residents to worry about. However, there were also fewer dedicated teachers available in other specialties. Because of all the training programs at Greenville Health System, we have over 220 full-time teaching physicians in numerous specialties. These faculty are here because they are interested in teaching. They aren’t in private practice, teaching residents as an afterthought. This situation gives great depth to the training that you will receive in our program.

We have a nationally-known sports medicine group within GHS, the Steadman-Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas. This group provides excellent training in the sports medicine rotation in their new and comprehensive facility. Many opportunities for participating in event coverage are available. Additionally, we have a sports medicine fellowship with two positions per year.

I want to specifically mention obstetrics. We have dedicated family medicine faculty who do deliveries with our residents. However, few family physicians practice obstetrics after graduation. Our strategy is to have plenty of elective time available. Our residents who decide they want to do obstetrics simply use elective time to get the extra training they want. Residents who choose not to do obstetrics have more elective time for other areas of interest.

The Center for Family Medicine was built in 1999. We have a bright and cheerful 20,000 square feet of workspace, easy parking, and the hospital’s large exercise facility (the Life Center) just steps away from our door. Fast Internet access is easily available. The hospital’s computerized clinical record includes all dictated reports, labs, X-ray reports, and even radiology images done anywhere within the hospital system, in addition to the outpatient Electronic Medical Record. Finding the information you need to provide excellent care to your patients is quite easy.

GHS is a financially sound 900-bed hospital system. It is the 16th largest hospital system in the country. All required hospital rotations are at the main hospital. It is in a beautiful part of town. You will feel safe going to work in this modern and attractive facility. 

Call in Greenville Memorial Hospital is purely educational. There is no scut work whatsoever. Call rooms are new and clean. You can choose from Chick-Fil-A, Subway, Starbucks coffee, a short-order grill, salad bar, or the cafeteria when it is time to eat. All of these are in the main atrium of the hospital. The food in most of these restaurants is free.

The city of Greenville is an excellent place to work, live, and have fun. The county population is 450,000. There are many international companies in the Greenville area, including Michelin, BMW, and General Electric. We have the International Center for Automotive Research, a state-of-the-art automotive research park, which is a joint venture of Clemson University and BMW. These industries attract a diverse group of highly trained professionals, making Greenville an international city.

Downtown Greenville is beautiful, safe, and lively. There are over 60 restaurants on Main Street alone, and over 450 restaurants in the Greenville area. We have a 17,000-seat indoor arena (the Bi-Lo Center), and a 3,000-seat Fine Arts Center (The Peace Center). There is even a waterfall, with an overlooking pedestrian bridge and a surrounding park, on Main Street!

My wife and I have lived in six different cities since we got married 26 years ago. Greenville is by far our favorite city. It has the perfect mix of size, things to do, a family-friendly atmosphere, and nearby mountains, lakes, and hiking. My wife tells me, “We’re not leaving Greenville,” and I completely agree.

Come join us for excellent training in the best city in the Southeast! Explore our website. Send us an email or call us. We would love to talk with you more about the benefits of our program.

Robert B. Hanlin, M.D.

Program Director