Academic Development Overview

Innovations in Health and Health Care Delivery:
It is about PATIENT CARE

Academics at Greenville Health System – Positioning for the Future

“An expanded and stronger role for academics and research at GHS is critical to our position as the leading provider in the Upstate.”  A statement made by Greenville Health System University Medical Center Board of Trustees during the January 2007 Board Meeting.


Academics at Greenville Health System (GHS) is driven by needs in the clinical setting and focused on improving health and healthcare delivery for our communities. Academic priorities are an integral component of our system-wide strategic plan that provides strategic direction and opportunities for . . .

  • Advancement in teaching learners
  • Discovery of new methods to treat and prevent disease
  • Translation and adoption of new therapies, techniques and technology

GHS will be locally and regionally recognized as an organization . . .

  • committed to excellent clinical care and customer service
  • continually focused on clinical quality improvement
  • exploring innovation in health and healthcare delivery
  • providing safe patient care, disease prevention, and wellness
  • expanding training programs for the purpose of developing the workforce of the future in areas that are synergistic with our clinical priorities.

GHS' strategic direction includes expanding vertically integrated programs and workforce development, and partnerships to advance health and healthcare delivery for our communities. A unique entity of GHS' partnership with other universities in South Carolina is the Institute for Advancement of Health Care (IAHC). The IAHC will actively engage partners and develop innovative models for education/teaching and research to improve health and advance the delivery of health care.


Institute for Advancement of Health Care (IAHC) 

USC/GHS Networking Agreement Executive Summary